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Christian Counseling and Therapy Dallas
Retired But Still Caring

Retired but Still Caring:
How to Submit to God

The greater our desire for the things of this world the more we become enmeshed in those things, coveting for ourselves and sacrificing ourselves, our time, our energy and our resources. We loose trust in God and “un-submit” ourselves from His rule in our lives. Attachment to worldly pursuits, to success, duty, power and even family, spouses or friends, results in an opposing “detachment” from God. We become rooted into the soil of carnality. Who can say otherwise? While excessive attachment bespeaks of covetousness and greed, we nevertheless recognize that we do live in the world and we do have carnal needs. For many Christians this observation poses quite a dilemma. Happily, there is a satisfying solution to the problem. Jesus taught a doctrine of non-attachment to worldly pursuits. He taught his followers to ‘trust’ that their heavenly Father is keenly aware that they do have carnal needs; and that, the Father will provide for their needs “as the Father sees fit to provide for them”; and, that His provision is “sufficient for them”. They are His gifts for them, they are His graces for them. Jesus’ teaching un-does what excessive desire for worldly things tends to establish. It refocuses human attention upon the holy providence of a loving heavenly Father. And, in so doing, the ebb and flow of daily life is elevated heavenward, “re-attaching”, retraining, human desiring to covet the will of Him Who is all good, tenderhearted and filled with every mercy.,

Having served in the Dallas area since 1983 it is time to retire. We pray you will find a great counselor to meet your needs. There are many wonderful Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Counselors of all types, Marriage Counselors, Addiction Counselors etc. Many do phone counseling also. We are uploading to out web site all our articles and counseling resources. So, have a look around and BOOKMARK this page so you may come back often to see what is new. And everything is FREE!


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