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Christian Counseling and Therapy Dallas
Counseling Appointments call 214 893-4567

Counseling by Phone

Christian Counseling by Phone: Serving all areas of the US since 1989, the '4.9 Star Rated', Dayspring Counseling and therapy Center is easy and convenient to reach. It offers a complete menu of values based counseling services for individual clients, couples and families. The center is absolutely committed to helping clients find fast, effective and workable solutions for the serious issues they face. Therapy is available for those who live close by or at a distance ..., or..., who otherwise cannot come into the office for therapy.

Our Counseling Method : We are the industry leader in the provision of online Christian therapy. We are highly trained and able to help you sort through the difficult problems you face.

Over the years we have pioneered research in the fields of OCD counseling, marriage counseling and non-drug related addictions counseling.  We have counseled top ranking Government officials, sports figures and entertainers in every field. All this to say, YES, phone counseling really works!

Our fees are very reasonable and we can usually accomodate most schedules.  We offer face to face online counseling too via 'Google Hangouts' services - all you need is a free gmail account to access this powerful approach to counseling.

Counseling is going digital and we have taken it to the Next Level! So..., call us now! 214 893-4567!